50 years of Kydon, The Heart City Hotel. For 50 years, we have been the hotel closest to your heart!

Chania, 1968. Tourism, agriculture and commerce are all expanding rapidly. The region’s small treasures - its dreamy beaches, picturesque locations and gleaming light – can be seen in thousands of holiday brochures. Cretan products are traveling far beyond the island. And, as more and more people arrive, the need for hospitality and accommodation is growing. Othonas and Evangelos Anastasakis decide to bring a more adventurous plan to life. In the town’s central square, just opposite the entrance to Chania Market, is the building which will soon become synonymous with hospitality, innovation and great holidays.
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Crete and the Sea: a parallel journey full of myths, legends and rich stories

herever you are in Crete, you see a sea. This light blue that today invites visitors to the hospitable land of Crete has also written the history of the island for thousands of years… In the bays of the Prefecture of Chania, according to Greek mythology, the creatures of the sea used to find their shelter. the Muses and the Sirens choose Souda to make their musical contest. And when the latter were defeated their white wings were thrown into the sea (from which the ancient Aptera took its name).
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