Crete and the Sea: a parallel journey full of myths, legends and rich stories

herever you are in Crete, you see a sea. This light blue that today invites visitors to the hospitable land of Crete has also written the history of the island for thousands of years… In the bays of the Prefecture of Chania, according to Greek mythology, the creatures of the sea used to find their shelter. the Muses and the Sirens choose Souda to make their musical contest. And when the latter were defeated their white wings were thrown into the sea (from which the ancient Aptera took its name).
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Crete Marathon: Strength, Willing and Love in the Heart of the City

We ‘re counting backwards. The most exciting event of the year is approaching. In a few days, the city of Chania is in the spotlight, and foremost, the heart of the City, where the Second Marathon of Crete is going to start from. For three days, Chania will live in the rhythm of Fair Play. The great fest will begin on April 7th, in the village of Vouves, where the wreath cutting from the Ancient Olive Tree will take place, in a ceremony worthy of our great cultural heritage. A call for peace and sportsmanship around the world, full of symbolisms and captivation.
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