Benefits for loyal guests of Kydon, The Heart City Hotel

All of you, our loyal guests, who have stayed at Kydon, The Heart City Hotel and would love to stay again next time you visit Chania, you belong to a very special to us group: the KYDON CLUB. As club members, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, that will make your stay at Kydon, The Heart City Hotel even more pleasant and memorable.
More specifically, we are offering to you the following:

  • Possibility to reserve a specific room of your choice (subject to availability).

  • Personal warm Cretan welcome at your arrival.

  • Complimentary bottle of mineral water upon arrival. So simple, yet so refreshing!

  • Luggage unpacking service upon arrival and arrangement of your personal items, so that you can simply relax and enjoy!

  • During every lunch or dinner you have at the hotel’s SQUARE restaurant, we offer you a local strong spirit called “tsikoudia” (a fragrant, grape-based, distilled pomace spirit) or "rakomelo"

  • Cookie treat offered every night to satisfy your kids’ sweet tooth!

  • Cooking lesson where guests are invited to cook, taste and enjoy local Cretan recipes and prepare delicious dishes. Free of charge for all reservation packages that exceed one week.

  •  Complimentary dessert in your room, on your last night prior to departure.

  •  Luggage packing service, prior to your departure, utilizing techniques to ensure your clothing is properly folded, personal items are neatly arranged and fragile items are protected.

  • Another complimentary gift: a useful item, for example an umbrella, leather luggage label or a bag.

  • Complimentary bottle of mineral water ‘to go’, for your trip.

You honor us with your trust. Thus, Kydon, The Heart City Hotel reciprocates this trust in various delightful and rewarding ways and shows its complete gratitude!

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