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Carnival and Clean Monday celebration in Chania

As soon as we got around to turning off the Christmas lights and packing away our Santa Claus ornaments, it is time to open once more our storage closets and dig out our carnival masks, costumes, and horns because the Carnival, also known as Greek ‘apokria’, is starting! The Triodion period has just begun! We start making plans for parties, barbecues on Smoked Thursday (known as Tsiknopempti in greek), masquerading, and nights full of fun during which everybody is trying to leave his/her everyday self aside and become crazier and more carefree.
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Santa Run 2014 - The best event of the year is approaching!

Is it possible to turn a few people's dream into the coolest and most eagerly awaited event of the city? Is it possible to change someone's life with just a little contribution? Is it possible to fill a city with happy faces and to spread the message of love, feast and solidarity? The Chania Santa Run started three years ago. A small group of people decided to organise a parade for Santa Clauses. Their aim was to support four of the city's associations that help children with health problems. In the meantime, it has become the happiest and much discussed event of the city, while contributions skyrocket from year to year.
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Business Trip to Chania: Accomodation and Event Planning

The island of Crete offers huge business opportunities. It is already famous for its local products, natural beauty, history and hospitality. However, opportunities go even further. Thanks to its' location, in the heart of the Eastern Mediterranean basin, Crete has been a natural hub between three continents since antiquity. The region of Chania possesses all the above advantages, as well as excellent infrastructures, and thus becomes attractive to every businessman.
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Cretan wine and wineries in Chania

Crete makes an ideal destination for wine lovers. For over 3.500 years, Cretans have been cultivating the vine and producing wine with love and passion. Here, one has the opportunity to taste exceptional varieties, not only in a restaurant, but also at the actual place where it is produced: the winery. The island's geography and rich soil favor viticulture. Thanks to the special relief, different altitudes, temperatures and soil, all varieties obtain new characteristics.
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"Earth Stories" visit KYDON Hotel

SKAI Channel program "Earth Stories" stopped over at Chania and visited KYDON Hotel, in order to discuss with the Hotel's experienced chef, Iosif Apostolakis, the advantages of Cretan nutrition and how it applies to modern professional cuisine and tasting. With a magical view in the background, Chania central square and port, the host, Andreas Barboutsis and Iosif Apostolakis talked about Cretan local products. Crete offers a huge variety of farming and livestock products, which have won numerous international awards for their excellent quality.
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The Magic of Chania City

As the end of summer approaches, the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea keeps attracting the eye and inviting into its lap those travelers, who seek the beauty and magic of Greece. Natural beauty reaches its peak in Crete as blinding light mixes with wild landscapes, and the visitor, filled with breathtaking images, searches for peace and emotions in the city's narrow streets. Summer lasts so much longer in Crete. Ferries, full of visitors keep arriving and the island lavishly offers its beauties; the sea is warm and hospitable and in Chania, people keep celebrating the most beautiful season of the year.
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Hotel KYDON: The heart city hotel that speaks to your heart!

In this ever evolving and very demanding time, the city of Chania always remains the center of events and welcomes every curious explorer, willing to live powerful and enjoyable experiences. In the heart of Chania , KYDON Hotel beats at the city's heartbeat and continuously updates its services and amenities, in order to provide its visitors with an experience of absolute hospitality and pampering. One of the city's oldest hotels refreshes its profile and constantly adapts to the new and demanding rhythm of everyday life, as well as to that of vacation and relaxation. The new services are designed with regard to the pleasant and carefree stay of all its visitors.
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Crete and the Sea: a parallel journey full of myths, legends and rich stories

Wherever you are in Crete, you see a sea. This light blue that today invites visitors to the hospitable land of Crete has also written the history of the island for thousands of years… In the bays of the Prefecture of Chania, according to Greek mythology, the creatures of the sea used to find their shelter. the Muses and the Sirens choose Souda to make their musical contest. And when the latter were defeated their white wings were thrown into the sea (from which the ancient Aptera took its name). In the city of Chania, the largest Neolithic settlement of Kydonia was built by Kydonas. Her founder was the grandson of the great King Minos and, according to the legend, his mother had abandoned him on the mountain, where he was brought up by a hound.
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50 years of Kydon, The Heart City Hotel. For 50 years, we have been the hotel closest to your heart!

Chania, 1968. Tourism, agriculture and commerce are all expanding rapidly. The region’s small treasures - its dreamy beaches, picturesque locations and gleaming light – can be seen in thousands of holiday brochures. Cretan products are traveling far beyond the island. And, as more and more people arrive, the need for hospitality and accommodation is growing. Othonas and Evangelos Anastasakis decide to bring a more adventurous plan to life. In the town’s central square, just opposite the entrance to Chania Market, is the building which will soon become synonymous with hospitality, innovation and great holidays.
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