When guests check into our hotel over the next few months, they will notice a number of alterations-additions to the hotel’s operation, which are designed to minimize risk and enhance safety for our guests and staff.

The enhanced measures which our Hotel is implementing, in compliance with the mandatory criteria and extra recommendations of Greece’s Hotel Safety Protocols, include the following:


Team members (staff) Training

Personal Protective Equipment

Physical distance


Management of a suspected case

Our hotel cooperates with a doctor specially trained in the management of COVID-19 cases and has prepared a comprehensive action plan for the management of a possible suspected case, with respect to the personality and privacy of our customers.


Cleaning and disinfection protocols

The hotel has chosen approved for use disinfectants effective against bacteria and viruses and appropriate for SARS- CoV-2


Guest rooms

 Public areas

Front office desk

Elevator use

Restaurant services

Food Safety

At our hotel, food handlers and supervisors are trained on safe food preparation and service practice according to HACCP principles.

Suppliers of goods & services


The hotel has in place an action plan in case of COVID-19 suspected cases οf guests or staff member which complies with Greece’s Hotel protocols and legislation.

The Management of our Hotel is committed in fully implementing Greece’s Hotel Safety Protocols.

We wish you a safe and pleasant stay in our hotel.