50 years of Kydon, The Heart City Hotel. For 50 years, we have been the hotel closest to your heart!

Chania, 1968. Tourism, agriculture and commerce are all expanding rapidly. The region’s small treasures - its dreamy beaches, picturesque locations and gleaming light – can be seen in thousands of holiday brochures. Cretan products are traveling far beyond the island. And, as more and more people arrive, the need for hospitality and accommodation is growing.

Othonas and Evangelos Anastasakis decide to bring a more adventurous plan to life. In the town’s central square, just opposite the entrance to Chania Market, is the building which will soon become synonymous with hospitality, innovation and great holidays.

And naturally, the brothers turn to Chania’s history and tradition to find a name for their project. They settle on “Kydon”, the name of the first king and founder of the ancient city of Chania, whose name is still associated with his legendary hospitality. So, the Anastasakis brothers' hotel is focused entirely on making sure all its guests enjoy their stay and receive a warm and heartfelt welcome from the staff.

It was in these times, 50 years ago, that the KYDON first opened its doors. The hotel’s location was perfect, as it was right in the centre of the town, beside the monuments, the museums and the buildings which were gradually transformed into centres for the arts and sciences. It was also just a few kilometers from the island’s golden beaches and had easy access to all public transport. The hotel was undoubtedly the best choice for visitors who wanted to explore Chania or who were visiting the city on business. And of course, KYDON’s whole philosophy was built around the wonderful diversity offered by the city and the whole prefecture of Chania.

As the years went by KYDON's management kept on top of new trends and continuously updated the range of services that the hotel offered. Respect for clients, a warm welcome for children, an eagerness to highlight the city’s least well-known sights, respect for the environment, traditions and the Cretan diet, the use of new technologies, flexibility and, in general, a love for our fellow human beings are just a few of the principles that shaped KYDON’s policy at the turn of the century, and continue to do so today.

This year, the current management, which is now the third generation to run KYDON, the heart city hotel, celebrated the hotel’s 50th birthday. A lot of history has come and gone, but some things remain the same: our love for dedicated and meaningful work. So, we are renewing our commitment to make KYDON an exceptional hotel for many years to come – years full of considerate service and enjoyable holidays spent in the heart of this most beautiful city.

Happy birthday Kydon, The Heart City Hotel!

Those 50 years were just the beginning…