Crete and the Sea: a parallel journey full of myths, legends and rich stories

Wherever you are in Crete, you see a sea. This light blue that today invites visitors to the hospitable land of Crete has also written the history of the island for thousands of years…

In the bays of the Prefecture of Chania, according to Greek mythology, the creatures of the sea used to find their shelter. the Muses and the Sirens choose Souda to make their musical contest. And when the latter were defeated their white wings were thrown into the sea (from which the ancient Aptera took its name).

In the city of Chania, the largest Neolithic settlement of Kydonia was built by Kydonas. Her founder was the grandson of the great King Minos and, according to the legend, his mother had abandoned him on the mountain, where he was brought up by a hound.

Since then, Crete has been a crossroads of the Mediterranean. Cydonia flourished thanks to its harbor, and its inhabitants traded the gifts of the land: wine and oil, treasures that make the island so famous all over the world until nowadays. Saracen Arabs arrived in the 9th century. They called the island "the land where honey and milk flow." They used it for 150 years as a base for all their raids on the Mediterranean. The Byzantines, who in turn set up families of nobility, loved the island and protected it from aspiring conquerors. Twelve "children of aristocratic families" arrived at Kissamos, gave their names to places and set up families that exist up to today, according to the legend (Fokas, Skordilis, Gavalas, Kalafatis, Arkoleos, Hortatzis, Mousouros, Varouchas, Melissinos, Litinas, Argyropoulos , and Vlastos).

Then, the Venetians came. They gave the island the character it has up to today. They built walls, founded monasteries, left their stamp on building architecture and administration. Chania became the second largest city of the "Kingdom of Crete" and experienced a great flourishing.

The people here in Crete are born grafted with love for freedom .... From the wildness of the landscape, the hospitality, the sweetness of the fruits, the smell of wine, the liveliness of music, the sun that blinds the eyes. And none of that would have existed if it was not blessed with the greatest gift, the sea that surrounds it and accompanies it through the centuries.