Hotel KYDON: The heart city hotel that speaks to your heart!

In this ever evolving and very demanding time, the city of Chania always remains the center of events and welcomes every curious explorer, willing to live powerful and enjoyable experiences.
In the heart of Chania , KYDON Hotel beats at the city's heartbeat and continuously updates its services and amenities, in order to provide its visitors with an experience of absolute hospitality and pampering.
One of the city's oldest hotels refreshes its profile and constantly adapts to the new and demanding rhythm of everyday life, as well as to that of vacation and relaxation. The new services are designed with regard to the pleasant and carefree stay of all its visitors.
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Discover its facilities and the endless possibilities offered to professionals, sportspeople, couples in love or families and visitors in search of alternative vacation.
You will be amazed by the wide range of choices and the smart design of services that Hotel KYDON places at your disposal, while emphasizing in detail and comfort. From sleeping on anatomical, advanced technology mattresses, aiming at total relaxation of the body, to the feast of flavors at the restaurant and the choicy breakfast, designed and prepared according to the Greek Breakfast certification; from all kinds of high tech and practical facilities inside the Hotel, to sports and exploration activities for an exciting day out. Everything is designed to respond to the client's needs. Hotel KYDON will fill your day with creativity and embellish your stay in the city of Chania.

Visit this historical city, choose KYDON THE HEART CITY HOTEL and live unforgettable moments, with the help and guidance of its personnel, which will make everything possible in order to facilitate your stay and fill your days with pleasant activities. Organize your corporate meeting or conference in one Hotel's venues, take full advantage of the technology and services of your choice. Taste the unforgettable dishes and flavors at the restaurant; choose among the various excursions, tours and activities offered by the Hotel, in order to explore the city, as well as Crete's history, nature and culture. 

Whatever the purpose of your visit Hotel KYDON, in the heart of Chania city, has the means and the will to turn it into an extraordinary experience and to become a part of your heart.