"Earth Stories" visit KYDON Hotel

SKAI Channel program "Earth Stories" stopped over at Chania and visited KYDON Hotel, in order to discuss with the Hotel's experienced chef, Iosif Apostolakis, the advantages of Cretan nutrition and how it applies to modern professional cuisine and tasting.
With a magical view in the background, Chania central square and port, the host, Andreas Barboutsis and Iosif Apostolakis talked about Cretan local products. Crete offers a huge variety of farming and livestock products, which have won numerous international awards for their excellent quality.
Inside KYDON Hotel's kitchen, handpicked ingredients are combined and cooked with skill and imagination, in order to create original dishes, which represent the famous Mediterranean and Cretan cuisine and nutrition.
The chef used breakfast as an example. The day's most important meal must be rich in tastes and nutrients. Hotel KYDON applies this principle and uses the gifts offered by the rich Cretan soil in order to offer its visitors a powerful start of day. To that end, it has obtained the Greek Breakfast Certification, by the Hellenic Tourism Organization.
Freshly squeezed juice, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, traditional Greek yogurt, made of sheep's milk and served in a clay pot, local cheese and sausages, honey, tasty marmalade from the famous oranges and grape fruits of Vatolakos, local delicacies, salty and sweet, such as stuffed bread and kalitsounia match perfectly with strong Greek coffee and prepare mind and body for the coming day.
The meeting continues in KYDON Hotel's kitchen. Iosif Apostolakis explains how he used Cretan products and was inspired by local recipes in order to create the menu for SQUARE Restaurant. With lots of passion and imagination, he utilized original ingredients such as the prickly pear (which Cretans call shoe-fig). Its' thorny fruit contains an impressive amount of nutrients and has a special taste, which makes it useful both in cooking and pastry making.
The chef prepared a sauce for grilled meat, made of prickly pears and tsikoudia, a strong local raki, as well as a dessert: a very special cheese cake with curdled milk and sheep's yogurt, on a crunchy biscuit base, accompanied by an amber sauce, made of the day's honored ingredient, the prickly pear.
As the meeting reaches an end, "Earth Stories" program leaves Crete and continues its journey around Greece, keeping afresh the memory of the rich tastes offered by this blessed land. Hotel KYDON will always be there, making its own stories and offering unforgettable and savory experiences to all its visitors.

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