Business Trip to Chania: Accomodation and Event Planning

The island of Crete offers huge business opportunities. It is already famous for its local products, natural beauty, history and hospitality. However, opportunities go even further. Thanks to its' location, in the heart of the Eastern Mediterranean basin, Crete has been a natural hub between three continents since antiquity.
The region of Chania possesses all the above advantages, as well as excellent infrastructures, and thus becomes attractive to every businessman. Such sectors as commerce, processing, manufacture and high quality tourist services can be developed, with the contribution of transport (via sea and air) and the local manpower. Therefore, it is normal for businessmen to rush to the island, in search of new opportunities and original business ideas.
The first thing a businessman has in mind is to secure comfortable accommodation in the heart of the city. Choosing the perfect Hotel can have multiple advantages. A Hotel can become a valuable partner, offer extra services to a business traveler and optimize the quality and performance of his trip, as it becomes the "headquarters" of his business activities.

Therefore, it is important to choose a Hotel that offers adequate places for business meetings, presentations, daily events and product launches, along with hi tech equipment and well trained staff (IDEAS Venue, 50 guest capacity). In case one needs a venue with a higher capacity, the Hotel can help in finding beautiful and original venues within the Old Town and planning a complete and perfect event.
Furthermore, a Hotel must offer multiple and flexible choices for the pleasure of its visitors. Business lunches, coffee breaks, exceptional little receptions with original ideas, imagination, fresh tastes and professional service that will increase a businessman's prestige and secure the success of his meetings.
Finally, for the ultimate success of a business trip, a Hotel has to be adapted to the daily needs of a businessman. It must possess flexibility towards his program, amenities for his transportation (such as free parking), high tech professional tools (Wi-Fi, iPad, apple TV) so that not one minute is wasted, personalized services for clients who frequently visit Chania and genuine, friendly service and hospitality.
One may think that all the above prerequisites would be impossible for a regional Hotel. However, such a Hotel exists now, in the heart of Chania, and it takes your business trip very seriously. KYDON Hotel can become the valuable partner of every businessman who visits the city. Search for success in Crete, visit Chania and make your reservation at KYDON Hotel.