Carnival and Clean Monday celebration in Chania

As soon as we got around to turning off the Christmas lights and packing away our Santa Claus ornaments, it is time to open once more our storage closets and dig out our carnival masks, costumes, and horns because the Carnival, also known as Greek ‘apokria’, is starting!
The Triodion period has just begun! We start making plans for parties, barbecues on Smoked Thursday (known as Tsiknopempti in greek), masquerading, and nights full of fun during which everybody is trying to leave his/her everyday self aside and become crazier and more carefree.

Along with the Carnival, it is also time to plan for the three-day weekend vacation of the Clean Monday. This three-day period has a different air. Squeezed between winter and spring time, it includes a bit of everything: rain and cold, sun and blossoming almond trees, streets full of happy people and a beautiful green countryside. From one day to the next, we leave behind feasting and fun and get ready for the Great Lent, the period of fasting, prudence, contemplation and circumspection, as we prepare ourselves for Easter.

The Clean Monday three-day weekend is the ideal period for someone to get to know Chania from up close, together with all its customs and the particular traits of the Cretan folk. KYDON Hotel has prepared the ideal offer so that its guests will enjoy a filling – and totally affordable – three-day vacation this year as well. The town of Chania is in a carnival mood. During the last weekend of the Carnival the festivities reach their peak with parades, floats and masqueraded people filling the streets.

On Saturday morning, one can enjoy a stroll by the sea or along the narrow streets of Chania. At night, one should try the well-tried recipe for having a great time: Latin parties are a must! Everybody puts on his costume and rushes out to the bars of the town. An upbeat mood, colourful faces, humour, tricks and teasing on the streets. The intensive rhythm of living and the everyday routine are all in the past. The whole town turns into a big company of friends having the time of their lives.
On Sunday we leave the centre of the town of Chania so as to enjoy the Carnival in the nearby villages. Parades are everywhere: in Kalyves, in Kissamos, in Paliochora. Carnivals have a very long tradition and compete one another in terms of originality and creativity. A very special note during the carnival festivities is the revival of the old customs of the Greek ‘apokria’: various performances such as the match-making or the wedding, dancing around the maypole (known as ‘gaitanaki’ in greek), traditional “lerades” (“dirties”) with bells attached on their traditional costumes, Cretan rhyming couplets sung in the rhythm of accompanying music called ‘mantinades’, as well as saucy songs, are all components that make up a painting with sole purpose to exorcize the evil spirit through laughter and joy.
Clean Monday is upon us. The fasting period of the Great Lent is beginning, but the three-day vacation has not ended yet.
KYDON Hotel gives its guests the opportunity to enjoy the feast, as well as Chania, stress-free till the very last minute. Lenten mezedes-appetizers by the sea accompanied with ouzo and tsikoudia spirits are the best way to bid farewell to Crete cheerfully, as well as flying a kite in the Cretan countryside.

Check-out can wait till 18:00 in the evening and KYDON Hotel offers this day for free!
Therefore, make the most of this offer for a most joyful escape in Chania. The most important ingredients for a perfect three-day vacation: a carnival costume, a mask, a kite, and a whole lot of merry mood and enthusiasm!
Chania awaits!